Aircraft are specifically delivered to eCube Solutions, often at very short notice, to use the dedicated resources for dis-assembling aircraft. The primary steps of the process are as follows:

  • Aircraft de-fuelled and positioned in one of the hangar bays (narrowbodies)
  • Part-out undertaken according to customer instructions
  • Removed components photographed and all dataplate information recorded
  • All components packaged and made available for shipment to customer 
  • A set of crates are made to customer order, and an APU stand often fabricated
  • Some, or all, of the components can be stocked in the eCube warehouse, to be called off for shipment to customers or repair shops

What makes a part-out project at eCube different?

  • We have permanent dedicated staff to perform our projects - where contractors are used, it is always in teams with the full-time eCube personnel, ensuring the eCube culture and quality is maintained
  • The project completion time is guaranteed with money refunded if not met
  • 5 weeks for all parts to be ready for shipment from a narrowbodied aircraft
  • 8 weeks for all parts to be ready for shipment from a widebodied aircraft
  • Data accuracy is the best in the industry – guaranteed at 97% but our processes ensure the metric is always considerably better
  • Highest quality standards, backed up by a warranty to rectify any workmanship issues
  • The fixed price is the fixed price – there are never extra costs unless additional work is formally requested 
  • Industry leader in providing a comprehensive customs advice and management service.

The total value of the eCube service, on the basis of quality, cost, delivery and responsiveness is unmatched by any other similar service provider in Europe.

“eCube Solutions have performed 15 teardown projects for AJW Aviation. We worked closely together to develop systems of work which consistently delivered 98+% part number and serial number accuracy. In my experience, the eCube team always go the extra mile to satisfy their customers”

MIike Dean of AJW Aviation

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