10th June 2016

MSN 2137 entered service with GB Airways in December 2003 and spent most of it’s operating life with EasyJet until it was leased to Zest Air in the Philippines. It was returned from lease at a timing coincident with it’s 12 year structural check and both engines in need of performance restoration. Not many years ago, most leasing companies would have invested the accrual funds to restore an aircraft of this age back to a condition for return to the operating lease market, but, in this new era with high demand for high standard serviceable used material, the decision was made to separately sell this airframe and engines to parties for dis-assembly.

It is not the youngest aircraft ever dis-assembled, since many shrunk variants of families have been prematurely decommissioned at similar or younger ages, but we believe it is probably the youngest non-incident related A320 to enter the part-out process. The airframe was consigned to spare parts company, Touchdown Aviation (TDA), who have been extremely happy with the quality, accuracy and partnership co-operation with eCube Solutions.