eCube Solutions has gained a reputation for providing the best value for money part-out service in Europe. Our customers tell us that we deliver the most accurate, premium quality teardowns in the sector, and combine the highest performance standards with exceptional customer-responsiveness.

We have extensive experience on virtually all commercial aircraft types:

  • Boeing 737 Classic (B737-300/400/500)
  • Boeing 737NG (B737-600/700/800)
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Airbus A320 family (A318/319/320/321)
  • Airbus A330/A340 families
  • Embraer E-Jet family (E-170/E-190)

We also have performed disassembly of military aircraft types:

  • C-130K
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Fixed Base

Dis-assembly of aircraft is first and foremost a materials management business. In a volatile market, financial exposure is minimised by converting parts into revenue opportunity in the shortest possible time.

Not all aircraft part-out facilities are the same. Project performance is determined by quality, turnaround time and accuracy, which in turn are driven by the processes and culture of the company. Key metrics for the business must be monitored to ensure that continuous improvement can take place, and customer service levels should be guaranteed.

eCube Solutions has set new industry standards for delivering repeatable project performance of the highest value and quality:

  • Services are provided from a hangar which allows for 24/7 operational capability, thus ensuring inventory available for sale in the shortest possible time.
  • The critical success factor in the part-out business is accuracy of recording Part Numbers and Serial Numbers. This metric is the highest priority in the eCube business. Data is subjected to a double-check inspection and performance is continuously measured, driving towards a zero error target.
  • All our staff responsible for component removals are fully trained aviation maintenance technicians, and the quality of their work is warranted 
  • Financial guarantees are provided to underwrite project completion times and data accuracy, allowing customers to take their products to market with certainty. 

Case study

2 x A330-200 and 1 x A340-200 were parted-out and disposed at Clark International Airport, Philippines, in late 2014. The project took a total of 14 weeks for all three aircraft, with data accuracy in excess of 98%.


Remote site

eCube Solutions has deployed it’s capabilities to worldwide locations to perform part-out projects for any aircraft types. Teams can be assembled to manage projects at remote locations, delivering performance to the same quality standards as at the fixed base.

Contact us with your specific project requirements and we shall provide an evaluation of time, costs and any other factors to be considered.

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