Parking fees are very economic at eCube Solutions, priced considerably lower than airports with substantial scheduled operations, saving significant costs over extended parking periods.

eCube provides comprehensive solutions to deliver aircraft parking and Care & Maintenance programmes:

  • Supporting lease redeliveries
  • Aircraft in transition between operations
  • Periods when aircraft have no further operational future

Rigorous application of EASA Part 145 certified Care and Maintenance tasks ensures that the asset value is preserved for the duration of the storage period, allowing the owner to concentrate on making decisions for the next phase of the aircraft’s life.



  Secure and economic parking for up to 70 aircraft - 40 in St. Athan, UK and 30 in Castellon, Spain

   Airfield infrastructure that can accommodate all aircraft types, including B747-400

   EASA Part-145 approved Care and Maintenance services

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