We jointly deliver all the resources required to provide lease re-deliveries services and storage programmes for numerous lessors, airlines and investment funds, who appreciate our ability to rapidly respond to requests. BCT maintains a permanent station at the eCube facilities, and has EASA Part 145 coverage for nearly all commercial airline types. 

Care & Maintenance requires service providers to operate with a line maintenance culture, enabling customers to respond swiftly to market demands. Parking, storage and re-activation tasks are core activities for eCube Solutions and BCT Aviation, ensuring that the needs of our customers are at the heart of our business.

The essence of Care & Maintenance tasks is the protection of asset value for typical parking periods of 6 months or more. The AMM specifies the tasks for storage of this duration – when implemented correctly, it makes no difference in which climate the aircraft is stored. The success of any storage programme, and the opportunity to re-activate the aircraft, is more critically linked to the rigour with which the storage tasks are carried out – an asset in the desert which hasn’t been properly stored will lose value, while one appropriately cared for in a Northern European environment will retain it’s condition and value as well as anywhere in the world.

A further benefit of storing aircraft at St. Athan is accessibility to owners and representatives – the airfield is just 10 minutes from Cardiff International Airport, which is served three times daily from Dublin, as well as numerous other primary cities in Europe.

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