The Facilities

St. Athan is a regulated airfield with permanent Air Traffic Control and fire service, and a runway which accommodates aircraft of all sizes, including B747-400. 

Parking is available for up to 20 aircraft and the facilities also include a 2 bay hangar occupying 51,700 sq. ft., and additional 10,000 sq. ft. dry storage capacity in adjacent buildings. Substantial additional component storage capacity is available, allowing us to manage inventory on behalf of our customers as required.


The local South Wales region is rich with highly-trained aviation professionals, via the 23,000 staff employed throughout 150 aerospace companies.

Line and base maintenance capabilities are available at St. Athan for a wide variety of commercial aircraft types, in collaboration with BCT Aviation, who maintain an office, tooling and GSE at the eCube Solutions facility. Further heavy maintenance is also available via our neighbouring facility of Cardiff Aviation.