Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is the leading global organisation for developing and promoting the safe and sustainable management of end-of-life aircraft and components.

eCube Solutions has been an accredited member of AFRA since December 2012. The annual AFRA audit assures that our company is run in accordance with the Best Management Practices of the Association – a minimum requirement for any company operating in the end-of-life sector. 

We are an active member of the association, supporting their initiatives to drive performance standards, and wider industry recognition of the professionalism in this growing sector of aviation.

View our AFRA approved disassembly certificate here

View our ISO 9001 certificate here

Leading environmental standards

From the inception of the company, eCube Solutions has recognised it’s obligation to operate with the highest environmental standards.

Within 6 months of commencing the operation, eCube Solutions was granted a bespoke permit from the UK Environmental Agency, specifically for the purpose of recycling commercial aircraft. Processes are optimised to minimise the generation and safe disposal of waste products. On average 90% of the incoming aircraft by weight is either re-used or recycled.

ISPM15 International Crating standards

Wood packaging materials which are traded internationally are tightly controlled to avoid spreading of tree pests via unprocessed wood. Standards known as ISPM15 have been adopted globally, and require a stringent audit of carpentry practices every six months. eCube Solutions operates a high quality ISPM15 approved carpentry department, allowing us to fabricate multi-use crates for unrestricted distribution of components worldwide.

Green Dragon Environmental Standard Level Two

The Green Dragon Environmental Standard is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate effective environmental management and that are taking action to understand, monitor and control their impacts on the environment.